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Advice to a Reluctant Blogger

Dear future ESL 58 students,

First, I want to congrats for make it through all the writing classes you have taken, and to enjoy ESL 58 as much as I did.  Also, I want to point out that you have done the right thing by choosing Ms. Marty as your instructor. Ms. Marty is a very especial teacher and I guarantee that with her, you will not only improve your writing processing, but also you will be taught to develop your thinking and brainstorming.   One of the new techniques, you will learn about during this class is blogging. Blogging has become one of the internet’s revolutionary social media sites. The only different between blogging and Facebook / twitter is that in blogging you have to write a fully description of what you are planning to talk about, and not just a small message with a minimum description. Don’t worry about blogging because of grammatical or organizational issues, not one will judge your performance unless you have clear ideas and meaningful message. If you hate writing as much as I used to do, I guarantee that you will love writing by blogging.   Blogging is a free writing, you can write about anything you want. Image yourself as a journalist and you writing an article for your readers.  Blogging is more fun than writing an essay. You can always provide media with your writing, you can add pictures, videos or polls, and with this feature, you will add more fun image to your writing. By blogging you can create unlimited topics from food, fashion to education and politic.

I suggest that you don’t stop blogging as I am planning to do in the future. Don’t consider it assignment. If you take blogging as mandatory assignment, you will lose the value and the real message behind it. Blogging could be who you are and the voice of all your dreams and future life.


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Women from Love Ages

In everyone’s life there is a model, people walk in his footsteps and draw from his life. Choosing a model in your life is an important step because being influenced by him will help you to achieve what you dream of. In my life there are three models, Mother Theresa, Princess Diana and Oprah Winfrey. Everything I do in life resembles those women’s courageous acts. Charity, beauty and learning are the basis for their lives’ ambitions.  My passion in life comes from those women’s lessons of love.

Mother Theresa was very tiny woman but she astonished the world with her love for the poor. As a nun, she made a promise that her life not longer belonged to her, but is to be devoted to others.  Saint Therese took her promise seriously and she had done what other nuns couldn’t do. She excluded herself from the traditional Catholic humanitarian acts, to go deeper to help the unwanted people. She felt that her work as a teacher at a Catholic school in India was not her real duty, but rather to involve herself with ill and dying people. Mother Theresa was a special person because she really listened to her inner voice, and had chosen to walk the meandrous road. At first, the Catholic Church didn’t support her efforts which put a lot of weight on her shoulders. Mother Theresa had faith that she could change people’s lives without financial sources from Christian organizations, but just by her passion and love for others.  She really experienced that reaching people’s hearts is not by money, but by love. Mother Theresa believed that love is the only thing to feed people’s hunger for acceptance. She helped other people understand that there is always someone to care for them whatever their illnesses or needs were.  Mother Theresa was a shy lady who usually didn’t talk much, but she had the ability to change people’s lives with simple acts. Mother Theresa is a great example to learn from. Even with her departure from this earth, thousands of people around the world continue to get great lessons from her pure love for the poor.

Princess Diana was an example of beauty inside and out. This skinny lady was first seen when she was eighteen years old. The whole world was amazed with her beauty and shyness. Although Diana was in position to live royalty, she had chosen to be the people’s princess. She changed the image of the royal princess who sat on the throne ruling people to a simple princess who taught love to common people. She understood that people’s love is a precious gift and to have it, she had to be one of them. She never felt ashamed to dig dirt or even shake hands with a HIV person. Diana always tried to treat her children like an ordinary people and not like royalty. She gave them the key to be successful rulers in the future. She had everything she could ask for, but she preferred to gain what money could not provide.  Thirteen years after her tragic death, the whole world still admires her beauty and simplicity. Diana drew the picture she wanted people to remember her by, and she continues to gain’s people love and admiration.

Oprah Winfrey is an example of wisdom and knowledge. I started watching The Oprah Show when I was in high school.  Every show I have watched, I learned a new life lesson. Oprah isn’t a typical talk-show host, but she is able to draw a lesson from every guest that has been on the show. Every time I watch The Oprah Show, it moves me forward one step toward my adulthood. Oprah has made my translation to a new life in America very efficient. I was able learn about America lifestyle from her talk show.  I believe that Oprah is one of the greatest influences on America’s culture.  Oprah has raised the consciousness about a lot of topics which were neglected by the media for years. Highlighting education, racism, abuse and obesity have been the show’s objectives. Oprah wasn’t just a successful talk show host, but also a sponsor for girls’ education in Africa.  She gave a lot of scholarships to students to attend college. Oprah’s priority has been educating others and benefitting them with valuable life lessons.  Oprah is a hero to lot of people because she teaches them to know who they are by connecting with their souls and encourages views to work on their weaknesses to be better people.

 Mother Therese was rejected by the Catholic Church, Diana was neglected by the royal family and Oprah wasn’t loved by her family. Although, those women were denied by others, that didn’t stop them from achieving what they believed in. originally, these three women didn’t find love from people surrounding them, but they remain powers filled with love for others. Their memories will always have a great influence on people like me.

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Blind in the wood

My guide was the eyes on which I could visualize what I couldn’t see. Without having a partner, I could have felt lost and unconfident. This guide represents a huge part of my life. I could not live or take a challenge without people whom I trust and wait for their courage.

I definitely trusted my guide, because I know he will never cause me any harm from any kind. He really wanted me to learn from this experience and that was the mine purpose from our visit to the wood.

Mostly, I relied on my partner’s directives during our walk. I wasn’t able to talk extra step, because in him I fully trusted. Secondly, I completely depended on my hearing and touching senses. I depended on hearing my guide’s voice, people around us or even the sound coming from touching or walking on the ground. I depend on my touching, by feeling my legs walking up or down the hill. I even depended on my touching sense to avoid the logs that stuck in my way.

First, my favorite part from this experience was the experience itself. Going out of class and learning how to write from what you had seen from visual activities, was definitely a hit and a new way of learning. Secondly, meeting all together and having fun away from the pressure of being in class.

Definitely, before anything I always thankful to God for everything I have especially my sight. I had had a real experience where I lost my sight for one second while having operation in my eyes. It was one second, but it had a huge effect on me. After this operation, I started to appreciate what God had given me. Having the same experience as a blind in a short time, it will always make my thankful and grateful for my sight.

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You Gidn’t Have Anything…But You Could Be Happy!

People are two types….some people have everything but they
don’t feel it is enough. While some others who didn’t have anything and they
feel that they own the world. Wealthy people live in a vicious circle, the more
money they collect the more they feel is not enough. For that reason, they have
never considered to enjoy themselves and feel that in life there are more
values and morals other than the money.  Middle class are apparently happier than the wealth people. They don’t have much to
focus or dedicated their life for other than focusing deeper on important values
such as happiness.

How you live happy even without being wealthy? Do you use the word “contentment” into your life? I
believe if you put this word in front of everything you do in life, you will
rock your world.  You will discover that life is simpler than you thought.  You don’t have to achieve the impossible in your
life because living simple is what the impossible all about. A lot to us always
look to what we didn’t have and we never look for what we have.   You don’t know that what you have is the implicit
power in which you could achieve your dreams.

Are you happy with your life?  Whatever problems or obstacles you have in
your life. You should be happy. Nothing on earth should let you down because
you own yourself that is enough. Watch this video and I believe that you will
understand the meaning of “Contentment” from it.

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Is it a Justifiable Generalization, or a Faulty one?

We need to be able to see a clear difference between faulty
generalizations and justifiable generalizations

In the past few months, have you watched someone else (or even you yourself) make a faulty
generalization about the behavior of a group of people?  Explain the situation.

I have made a faulty generalization about my daughter’s
teacher. In the beginning I felt that she is very careless about fixing my
daughter homework, she always send wrong notes home and after she figures out
she send a another apology note. Every time I contact her to ask about
something, it took her a week before she answered me back. I disclosed my
concerns to my husband and I told him that if the teacher kept doing this, I
will send my daughter to a private school.
The last couple of weeks I have changed my mind. I started not to focus
on my daughter’s teacher, but on my daughter progress. Every day she has a new topic
to talk about it, and she is learning. I feel that I make a fault judging on
this nice lady, especially after noticing that my daughter likes her very much.
It is helpful to look to other sides of the story before you make a faulty
generalization about something and turn your world ups and downs.

Have you included any generalizations in your argumentative essay?

If so, are these generalizations faulty or are they justifiable? Describe.

Yes, in “sweetland” I am made interface that all German
girls in the duration after the First World War were causing troubles such as
prostitution, polygamy or political crop. And I made that assumption base on
what the movie has represented in one of its scenes.  For certain, that was a fault generalization
because I build an opinion base on a sense of the movie without going back to
the history and studying what was that period for German girls who immigrated
to US during that time like Inga. When I went back to the history and start
reading about that period, I figure out that there were a few incidents for
which Native American made a fault generalization about immigrants in general,
and that cause a lot of obstacles for the new immigrant.

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The Top 25 Ways to Win Arguments

The Top 25 Ways to Win Arguments.

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A Puzzling Incident

The situation that Dr Henry Louis Gates has experienced is very tough. It is very hard for a citizen to feel outsider
in his own country. Based on a false statement from a neighbor, it caused him
to be handcuffed by police officers. Because DR Gates was expert of racism acts
base on his profession as a professor of Harvard University, he felt that
what had happen to him is a racial act. How come for a person who was trying to
enforce his damage front door to open, to be considered as a criminal trying to
steal his own house.

I want to tell DR Henry Gates that you are still lucky. You are a pound American citizen. Despite the difficulty of the situation, you were
able in few hours to prove the conviction of those police officers to the whole
world. People all over the US condemned their act, even if they weren’t place
in the prison as result of their act.

I want to tell DR Gates that you are proud to be from this country
and never feel the shame.  In less than 50 years, and after a long history of discrimination acts against African Americans.
The people in US elected their first African-American president.  America will stand forever tall and lofty country because they agreed to put their hands together and move forward their country to become one of the first world countries. They were able to not live the past and create a new feeling of love and admiration between Americans.

I wish we have the same experience in my country Egypt. My heart
is bleeding every time I see Egyptians kill each other because of religion differences.
I wish, we leave our religions inside everyone’s heart and put Egypt in our minds,
and with our hands together bring Egypt back to its glory ages.

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Meeting Her Own Voice After 29 Years

 Sarah Sharman was deaf
for 29 years. After implanted a very expensive device, she was able to hear her
own voice for the first time. It was very emotional, and she said “it sounded
different from what she was expecting.” how great medical technology could
contribute to human happiness. Sarah was very happy to hear her daughters’
voice for the first time, but she always turns down the device’s volume when she
hears her husband’s snoring.

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1. Were those small group discussions useful to you personally in selecting
& preparing the content for your essay? (Be specific: Very
helpful…..somewhat helpful……helpful only in certain areas….not at all helpful,
etc….) Give an example or two.

2. You are now an old veteran of the Summary-Response essay.

a. Do you find it any easier to write this type of essay? Why/why not?

b. Did you run out of things to say, or did you find you couldn’t fit
everything in the essay this time?

c. Any other changes you have noticed lately in your writing process?

3. Did it have any impact on your writing experience to listen to the movie soundtrack while writing our essays in class? Give your reaction.

I believe that small group it is very
helpful technician. I love to be in a group discussion, because sometimes I
feel lost to interpret a certain idea and all of the sudden and in the middle
of the discussion I find the exact meaning of what I was looking for. Analyzing
a piece of paper with group of people could create a new trail of thoughts or
even change point of views for helpful ones. Sometimes during the discussion someone
brings a real stories or life experience similar to the one we are discussing, I
find that very helpful because it capture a living example to what we are
talking about.

After experience writing two summary-
response essays, I think it is easy for me to write this type of essay. We use
the same type of organization every time, what is different is its context. What
I like the most about that kind of essay that I always have something to talk
about. You always have materials such as newspaper article or movie
review.  And all you need to do is to
summarize and respond with analyzing your point of view.

I always try not to run out of things
to say because if I do so, I will find difficulty to write a good paper. What I
always try to do is to read what is behind the lines and observe the most little
tiny details which will transform to big ideas by the time.

One of the very useful techniques I
have learned to use during this semester is thinking.  In the past, when I was asked to write an
essay, I start writing right away without having any thoughts. And that made my
writing sound wrong and unrecognizable. After that and on advance level I learned
how to brain storm which still wasn’t enough to write a good paper because it
helps only with the organization. Now I am learning how to think about each and
every single sentence in my essay and how it benefits the cohesiveness meaning
of the essay.  It is good to think first and
after that comprehend it into meaningful words.

One of the things I am learning too is
to love writing as much I love reading. The more I write the more the fear of
writing diminishes. In the past I use to hate writing because I didn’t know the
basics to create a good paper but every time I write a paper I feel conformable
and confidence about my writing.

I am one of the people who enjoy
listening to music while writing. I do it all the time. I loved listening to
the soundtrack of sweet land while I was writing the essay about it. It took me
back to the movie and it help a lot to visualize the beautiful images of it.

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Everywhere around the world women are the same. There are three essential factors in every woman’s life which are Children, education and career. Women rarely live for themselves; they are always part of someone else’s life. What affected women differently is their environment. Women who live in cities are different from those who live in rural suburbs. I am a woman who has experienced life in two different places. Women in Egypt are different from women in US for three reasons including level of education, family versus career concept and how they are treated by men. 

Level of education differs from one country to another depending on how the country is developed. There are three reasons that prevent women from learning such as poverty, lack of literacy, and persecution by men. The majority of women complete high school level in Egypt and then stop to get married and start a new family.  This is unlikely to American women who live in a country based on advances in education, health and freedom.  American women education level could exceed the college degree.

The concept of family is essential to Egyptian women. Whatever degree that a woman completes in Egypt, marriage and having kids are the inevitable way to live the rest of her life. Even the way, the work system works in Egypt allows her to spend more time with her kids. The culture permits women to end their work day in the early afternoon before children come home from school. Career is the top of the list for American women. Once they graduate from college, practical life starts and is not finished until retirement. Women in America are fully committed to their work schedules which don’t give them the right to stay longer with their kids.

Women of both societies are treated differently by men. In Egypt, women are considered second class citizens. The culture gives the man the right to be in control while the woman is the follower.  Men refuse to allow women to work in high positions, because they inherited the idea that women are born to get married, raise children, and follow his commands. Because of the Egyptian man’s ego, he just wants to see his wife as his mother and grandmother. Men don’t allow women to participate in public activities because their manhood prevents them from seeing women be successful. This is in contrast to men in America who give the women the chance to be equal, and believe in the power of women’s existence. Men in America didn’t mind switching role rules sometimes, while woman are at work, these men may stay with the children at home. Men in America give the women the right to be engaged in public life, to be affective and decision makers.

Whatever differences exist between women in both societies are based on level of education, career and acceptance by men.  Women are now and forever the source of security, love, and success.

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